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Are you looking for prices for bedroom or flat removals, office removals or even a student move? Whatever your small moving scenario may be, you’ll get all the help you need with SoonAs – and at an affordable price!

Get a hassle-free, instant price for shifting your stuff to and from any UK location, local or long-distance, and book a service that meets your needs. You could save up to 70% on smaller removals with SoonAs.

What Does Small Moves Include?

Whether you’re heading off to uni or flying the nest, SoonAs will help you to move your personal belongings andfurniture. You might only have a bed, a desk and a few boxes but if you don’t have a suitable vehicle to move them in, or your items are too heavy, you’ll be looking for a cheap delivery service to cater for your small load (and small budget).

Got a pile of items stacking up that you need to take to the tip, but can’t fit them into your car? Or simply don’t have the time to take them? Utilise a small load service and let SoonAs handle your rubbish removals for you. It’s easy to compare prices and once you’ve booked a delivery service, you can finally shift that pile of bags and boxes you’ve had under your feet for a while.

  • Ideal for one room moves
  • Save time with instant pricing
  • Small budget? Save up to 70% when you book with SoonAs.
  • We control the payment to keep your money safe

Rubbish removals & tip runs
Student moves
Office removals
Flat removals
Small House Removals

Small removal, small price.

Don’t pay over the odds for a big removal firm to handle your small-scale removal – book a service that’s just the right-size for your move.

And what’s more, your flexibility can save you up to 70%, when you post your move on our bidding platform. List your requirements and let our service do the hard work, compiling quotes that fit your needs (and budget).